3 in 1 ultrasonic ems infrared body

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Body Beautifying Beauty Massager.

3 in-1 ultrasonic ems infrared body massager device helps you burn the fat freezing at home and tighten your skin. shape a charming body line and restore the resilience of skin within a short period of time. This device can stimulate and adjust the cytomembrane, increase the permeability of the epidermis and its thermal, physical, and chemical effects can rise the temperature in deep skin by 0.5-1°C, promote skin to absorb essences, accelerate metabolism and reinforce the regenerative course of tissue.

High-frequency Vibration Beauty Device

Our weight loss massager cellulite vibrates at the speed of 1.000.000 times/s. It can promote fat-burning machine metabolism in the body, reduce wrinkles, tighten skin and enhance the permeability of the skin. It also helps to lift and tighten the skin, achieving the effect of the thin arms, waist, abdomen, hip, legs, etc.

EMS Functions

With Electrode pads you can choose the right modes of EMS (tapping. massage. knead. scrapping and sliming) and right working intensity to massage the body, eliminate excess fats, improve and tighten the skin.

Easily Can Use

Turn this machine on, your skin could feel warm for 2 to 3 minutes, because of the constant temperature function. A little higher than body sculpting machines temperature, it will increase the temperature of the active part and the temperature inside the skin and improves the effect of other technologies.
  • The carbon fiber bundle surrounding the probe can generate far infrared rays with a wavelength ranging from 8 -12μm. 
  • It can penetrate into deep skin, boost vigor of the skin, activate cells, and accelerate metabolism.
  • It can also change the capacity and movement of every cell with a precise massage function which is named cell massage.


  • Material: ABS+304 Stainless Steel
  • Input Voltage: AC100-240V 
  • Output Voltage: DC 15V, 500mA
  • Power: 7.5W vibroscuplt
  • Size: 195x80mm/7.7×3.2in
  • Ultrasonic Frequency: 1mhz

Package List

  • 1 x Main Body
  • 1 x Plug (100-240V)
  • 4 x Electrode
  • 1 x Cable nulife beauty ultrasonic
  • 1 x English Manual ultrasonic fat & cellulite burner

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

Results after 2 sessions of 20 minutes on each leg. I have struggled with these hip dips or indentations after having my daughter. After only 2 sessions they are almost completely gone I would definitely recommend this product. It does take effort and I have a long way to go but it’s great!


The product is exactly as shown, it brings all its accessories and the box in perfect condition. The seller always attentive and kind, answered my questions very quickly. I was wrong to ask for the contact type but I got an adapter and it works smoothly. The working intensity of the different functions is much lower compared to professional teams, there will be what to evaluate as soon as results are perceived, but I love it!


I had skin removal surgery on my lower stomach, and won't spend 100s of dollars on lymphatic massages. I've used this for about a month now 3-4x a week and I DEFINITELY see a difference in skin toning, and breaking up my scar tissue in side. I would like to believe that it's helping with slimming as well, but not sure if it's the surgery results finally showing or this device. But, I'm pretty sure this device has alot to do with my healing process and swelling. I would HIGHLY recommend this device if ur looking for a home remedy with out paying hundreds of dollars. The infrared heat is a extra plus. Overall thos device gets the BIG thumbs up!!! Very happy customer!!!


Thank you to the seller Thank you for ordering this product on January 4, and I received a product on January 15, within 11 days. The product arrived just as in the picture. After I try it I will leave another feedback. Of course I will return to Knuck from this seller in the future. It should be noted that this is the first time I have ordered a product online. Again I thank you seller I will come back to buy from you again.


Very fast shipping, good product for the price. It is according to the description. One turn over the machine, the handle start to warm very fast I don’t know why, while the metal surface don’t (but don’t worry it’s works). To ensure that this machine functions well, you can drop a tiny amount of water on the metal detector surface to see the water bobs.