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Are you intending to find a high-quality small CPAP machine? 

sleep apnea mask 

You are in the right place. snoring is a common problem of humans. The sound of rushing air will wake up not only you but also your partner. This condition develops when airflow is constricted due to a narrowing of airways in your throat. This causes snoring. Such a situation sets you up for a lack of oxygen, which can have both short-term and long-term health consequences.

One traditional treatment method for this situation is using airing micro CPAP. This small cpap machine comes in the form of a machine and hoses that attach to a mask you wear at night. The goal of the anti-snoring device "portable CPAP" is to ensure that your body gets enough oxygen while you sleep.

CPAP alternative masks have a hard time maintaining a perfect seal on your face as you move during sleep. Airing creates a tight fit inside your nostrils with no hoses to catch on anything. These devices attach to your nose with the help of buds to keep them in place while they create pressure in your airways. So take it and make your sleep more comfortable. sleep apnea treatment without CPAP
Material: ABS + Silicone
Colors: Blue, White, Red
Type: Snoring
Function: Relieving Snoring and Aiding Sleep Apnea
Package Included:
1pc x Snoring Clip.

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Pedro O.

My father suffers from sleep apnea, so I bought this for him. His condition is critical, and other treatments did not appear to be effective. As a result, I gave it a go! He got 9 hours of unbroken sleep, which is a lot more than he usually gets. He now uses it every night and has the finest night's sleep he's had in years!

Brannon R.

I actually loved this product. It was very comfortable and it stayed in. Im a rough sleeper so this helps with knowing I don't have to keep waking up to place it back in my nose. It was very lightweight and I like that it has a case.

Haskell M.

what a fantastic product!I'm no longer snoring and my sleep is a lot higher quality.i Wake up rested each morning!

Arturo O.

The product arrived in good condition and shipping was faster than I mentioned. The product as such looks good quality, I tried it one night and it was comfortable to use, note that the next day I dawned without dry mouth, or nose, I don't know if I perform the function as far as snoring is concerned, but the truth that rests a great deal. I recommend it!

Hoppe C.

I really recommend this item so you and your partner can sleep without the bothersome snoring. It is the best product that I have ever bought anti snoring.