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The Digital Ite Hearing Aids is a new way to experience your hearing with a state-of-the-art and innovative design. The 16 Channel Digital Ite Hearing Aids have a compact size and the volume of the microphone can be adjusted. 16 Channel Digital Ite Hearing Aids is a high-quality digital hearing aid that is designed to make life easier for adults with hearing problems. It provides a reliable, natural sound quality with the convenience of a compact, lightweight design.


"These hearing aids are a game changer! Discreet, cost-effective, and best of all, they work!"


“I've never had any luck with innovative products. I decided to try these because of the money-back guarantee, and boy was I amazed at the results. I can finally hear the supermarket announcer and have a casual chat with the staff. My invisible hearing aids no longer get in the way. They are discreet, powerful, and work just as well as my old bulky $2500 hearing aids." Martha D. 

Find Out What Makes These Hearing Aids Take the Market by Storm and Why Giant Manufacturers Absolutely Hate Them!

Have you ever wondered why all technologies are getting smaller and smarter, while good old hearing aids remain the same?

If you're tired of bulky, expensive hearing aids, you're not alone. Customers around the world are raving about invisible hearing aids.

First, because it's affordable technology. You can wave goodbye to muffled sounds and hard-to-understand conversations. Now you can get your hearing back without breaking the bank.

Second, these invisible hearing aids are both small and discreet and fit deep inside the ear canal rather than behind the ear. So, you can enjoy some of the most discreet and powerful performances out there.

We Get Overwhelmingly Positive Reviews, and Major Companies are not Happy About it.

I'm utterly shocked.
" Why did I spend nearly $2000 on a bulky hearing aid? I mean, I don't mind wearing them. But then it becomes difficult to wear masks and glasses while having them on. These invisible in-canal hearing aids work just as well for a fraction of the cost. What's going on?"

Beyond relieved.
"I'm not going to lie, hearing aids were something I could never afford. I waited for the prices to drop like every other technology and assistive product. But that didn't happen. So, when I read an article in my health magazine about rechargeable in-canal hearing aids, I had to buy one. Hey, better late than never."

...And that's why the big companies are fighting against these tiny hearing aids. Because they can't jump on the bandwagon and are losing huge chunks of money.


our rechargeable nano invisible hearing aid comes in a pair. It’s designed for people with mild to severe hearing loss. Their target audience is anyone looking for an affordable pair of hearing aids. Something that allows them to regain their hearing without breaking the bank or sacrificing sound quality.

Our hidden hearing aid is almost undetectable and nearly invisible since they rest securely in your ear canal. Because of this, many users reported that people can't tell when they're using the hearing aids.


  • They're Travel-friendlyThey come with a charging station and a travel case. There's a USB cable included, so you can charge them anywhere, anytime. 
  • Obsessively DiscreetThey're tiny, flesh-colored, and fit deep into your ear canal for an incredibly discreet experience. 
  • Crisp Sound QualityThey boast a smart noise canceller to help you catch every sound. Whether it's a phone call or loud noises. 
  • They Pack a Punch: Despite their tiny size, they feature some of the most powerful hearing technology available. So you can hear all the noises and sounds around you effortlessly. 
  • Next-Level Comfort: They're soft and rubbery, so you won't even notice you're wearing them. You can put them on day or night. Snap them on and off whenever you want.
  • Won't Get in the Way: Unlike bulky hearing aids, you can wear a mask, get a haircut or wear glasses. They won't get in the way. 

"The best value rechargeable hearing aid, and it's not even close!

“You can buy entire computers for a few hundred bucks these days, yet companies are still charging thousands of dollars for hearing aids. Doesn't make sense. Neeyaa hearing aids is one of the only companies that I recommend to my clients. The price and quality of these devices are unmatched." Dr. Helmes

WARNING: One side effect of wearing our hearing aids is a newfound sense of confidence – you may just find yourself taking charge of conversations!
Our Invisible hearing aid is all-inclusive. Just place your order, and get everything you need.

Complete Package

With our hearing aids, you get all you need for year-round excellence in your ability to hear:

* Instructions
* Charging Case
* Charging Cable 
* Earplugs 


Do I need a hearing test?
Not at all! Our devices are configured for the most common types of hearing loss right out of the box - they're also very easily adjustable (as shown in the user manual). Generally, they work for most of our customers as is. If your hearing loss isn't as common and our device isn't the right solution for you, no worries - let us know within 90 days of receiving your hearing aids and we will refund you in full as part of our "love or it's a free guarantee."

How long do they take to charge and how long does it last?
Our devices can reach a full charge in as little as 4 hours. You can expect up to 2 days of continuous use on a single charge.

Will this fit my ears?
We include a variety of sized earbuds with your order, allowing you to find your perfect fit. If the provided earbuds don't fit, let us know and we'll send more sizes!

Do these help with Tinnitus?
Definitely! It's not a cure, but our hearing aids boost the sound around you to help overcome the sound of tinnitus and make it less noticeable.

How are prices so low? What's the catch?
Did you know that two-thirds of the cost of most hearing aids is paying the salary of a doctor or audiologist? Doesn’t seem fair, does it? That's why we cut out the middlemen, doctors, and sales offices to offer you state-of-the-art hearing aids at a fraction of what most companies charge. Now you can get premium and high-end hearing aids without breaking the bank!

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're confident that our hearing aid will be an absolute life-changer for you. Give them a try for 30 days. If you are unsatisfied for any reason, let us know and we will reimburse you in full. aids pair are hearing aids near me (completely in canal) in ear hearing aids moreover hearing aids for tinnitusa

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
James D.

The quality was very good, exactly the same as the seller's description, very satisfied, really like it, completely beyond expectations, the delivery speed was very fast, the packaging was very careful and strict, the logistics company's service attitude was very good, the delivery speed was very fast, a very satisfying shopping

Roberta H.
Sooo happy

I bought this for a friend that has a hearing loss in the neighborhood. She has used this in the past and was very happy with her purchase. She has reccommended her friends to the product and has purchased this for herself as well. Shipment was Great Received item quickly.

Lucie P.
Great Hearing Aid

Lightweight and easy to use. Comfortable and fit very well. Perfect color. No howling or screeching noise when adjusting. These hearing aids are used for all my daily chores. These work better than others I've tried before. I made the right decision.

Mary W.

I have been surprised at the performance of these hearing aids. I have a hearing loss of 50/65 percent. Have also been able to reduce the volume on the TV significantly. I can now carry on conversations without asking people to constantly repeat themselves. Their customer service has also been excellent to work with. For the performance and value of this product, I would recommend you try these.

Robert S.

I purchased these for my father who's becoming hard of hearing. My expectations were low as I had seen many hearing aids go for much more than what these are advertised for. I was blown away! They are fairly straightforward, easy to operate, easy to maintain and serve their purpose exceedingly well. Dad was excited to see how easy they were to work with and uses now them on a daily basis! These hearing aids seem to be built pretty well so I'm hoping they'll last for a while.