Golf Swing Training Aids Golf Posture

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Design For Improving The Flexibility Of Golf Swing.

Our L-shaped Golf Swing Training Aids Golf Posture helps you warm up before the game, correct the swing posture, and strengthen the distance. Thickened foam tubes can reduce the friction between the body and the exerciser. The unique triangular handle is convenient for power transmission and multi-angle training.

Warm-up before the competition

This golf swing trainer is Ideal for golf lovers, golf players, golf beginners, etc. It can help warm up before the game, activate muscle memory, and stabilize the swing. The length and position of the wristband can be adjusted freely according to the thickness and length of the wrist. It can help correct wrong swings, practice standard movements, and create a smooth swing. Increase the swing distance, the combination of rotation is smoother, and the distance is longer.

Familiarize your muscles with the proper posture.

The golf swing pro plus Posture is very easy to use. It helps you get into the correct position of the golf club and secure your lead arm into the right posture. It’s a great pre-game warm-up device to get your muscles and body in the right condition. 

Warm Up Golf Spinner Training Aids

The golf training aid can realize the combination of upper and lower swing and turning, which can warm up physically, improve turning training, and raise the swing standard. Without expensive coaching fees, you can practice at home.
  • Getting perfect control on the chest and shoulder presses provides better stabilization and movement of the shoulders during a swing.
  • Used for internal and external rotation warm-up.
  • Make a 90-degree swing and a full swing mode.
  • Suitable for beginners and golf lovers.


  • Material: Fiberglass, ABS Material
  • Color: Red, Yellow, Green (if u need color exactly contact us)
  • Size: 20inch x 16inch (52cm x 40cm)
  • Package Weight: 0.8 pounds (360 g)
  • Functions: swing training, warm-up training, rotation training, distance improvement

Package Includes

  • 1x Golf Swing Aid

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Eliseo L.

This product is great. It's not really easy to move from club to club. I have a small head club I use to help ball striking consistency; I put this product on there to help me feel the motion plus the little club head helps me zero in on the sweet spot. I'll use this setup 80% of the time I'm at the range, then I use one of my normal clubs so I can transfer what I feel to my normal club.

Scott G.

Exactly what I want. I use this as a warm-up. Had a good back swing feel. For beginner golfers, this is a good training aid, you can use a correction tool to maintain the swing path.

Roberta S.

Love it!! Use every night to practice getting my swing into the “slot”. Never realized my wrists needed just a small tweak! Thank you!! And the bans keep your muscle memory in tack not to flair your right arm in your backswing and downswing. Amazing training tool. So simple, but effective!! Shaved 8-10 strokes on my game.

William R.

I have used this for a week now and I can tell a difference in my swing. It does exactly what it advertises. I would recommend you to purchase it. It helps keep your swing on plane!