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The world’s thinnest Voice Activated Recorder is designed just to be sure that it will fit anywhere and anytime in your daily routine. The unique and practical design, ultra-thin mini size, can be easily put into your wallet and pocket, making it easy to carry and record important sounds in your life. The mini voice-activated recorder can be used for some situations like speech recording, recording your important ideas, songs, etc.


During VOR Recording will record when sound is detected(over 50dbs) and stop recording when sound is undetected to ensure full use of the memory. the small audio recorder is easy to carry and put in your wallet, pocket, briefcase, or on the keychain for quick daily recording. This small listening device is ideal for lectures, interviews, class, etc. This sound recorder also can be used as an MP3 player.


This mini audio recorder is equipped with a rechargeable battery that allows 145 hours of continuous recording time and has 3 variants 8GB,16GB, and 32GB. Connect the audio recorder to the computer to synchronize the time first before recording. Please use the player which can support the WAV form recording file when playing on the computer. And you can listen to the recording on the device via earphones quickly or check the recording file quickly via android phone which with OTG function.


This 1.6 inches perfectly square-shaped recorder, with only 1/4 inches thickness offers you two recording modes, you can choose one of them according to your recording requirement. Continuous Recording Mode - will keep recording until closed, including silent time. VoR Mode - Voice-activated recording mode can reduce the silent recording because it will record the voice when the voice reaches 50dbs.



  • Memory capacity: 8G, 16G, 32G
  • Recording format: WAV
  • Music format: MP3/WMA/WAV
  • Continuous recording: 20 hours
  • Continuous playback about 8 hours
  • Charging time: 1 hour
  • Recording method: one-key recording
  • Battery: Lithium battery
  • Product specification: 39×30.5×6mm
  • Product weight 10g

Package Included

  • 1 x Voice recorder
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x Earphone
  • 1 x Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Benjamin S.
Worked way better then expected.

This works great for me. The battery lasts forever and it will hold an entire days worth of audio. I had this next to one of my Zoom H1 recorders, and they sound from this was much more usable. And it’s small and doesn’t look like an audio recorder.

Linda R.
Pays for itself in peace of mind

I bought this mini recorder to protect myself from verbal and psychological abuse by a lover. It was important for me that the recorder be voice activated to minimize the hours of recorded audio I have to scrub through to find the relevant bits. It was also important that it be discreet, which this is.

Patricia A.
Tested Out Good Quality So Far

Just received my voice recorder today, tested it out and the sound quality is great! Not alot of background noise, and operating it is very easy, its basically 3 clicks...On, Off, VA (voice activated). Its smaller than i anticipated, even in the pictures, its comes with earphones to listen to your recordings, its basically plug and play. And the bonus is its magnetic! I gave the battery life 4 stars only because i have used it all day, which i will be testing that out tomorrow! Great product so far!

Lucas D.
Great gift idea. Great product!

When I first saw this mini recorder, I immediately thought that my college and high school kids can use this for class sessions if they didn’t want to write down notes. So I got some to give them. And I’ve gotten such great feedback on how long it last,, good recording quality, fast upload, discreet, etc. This device is so small you can use it discreetly anywhere, anytime. Great gifting idea!!! I’ll be giving these out to grads, dads, moms, friends and co-workers this year!!

William R.
Nice! This is super small, super easy.

Sound quality is surprising good... as long as nothing is moving or brushing against the device. So if it’s still, really good audio.