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Perfect Solution To All Your Problems

If you have tattoos, moles, or skin blemishes that you want to remove, Then our Smart Tattoo Removal Laser Pen is your perfect solution.  Smart Tattoo mole remover pen 
gives you comfort and a painless but effective experience. Home use Tattoo Removal Laser Pen is your economical solution at home.


100% Safe And Professionally Tested

Our tattoo remover laser Pen is clinically proven to be safe by experts. Treatments are gentle and virtually painless, especially for first-time users, or use on sensitive areas. The pen may be used for home or beauty salons. Having the same technology as the one in skin tags removal care clinics, this pen uses a powerful laser for spider veins at home emissions to break up dark pigments directly without damaging skin tissues.

Red Light OR Blue Light?

Both of them can remove skin tag mole, lentigo, black acne scars, black and blue tattoos, eyebrow tattoos, and any other melanin. If you have a black color tattoo, you can choose a red light laser pen. If it is a colorful tattoo, you can choose Blue light laser pen. The red light picosecond pen is for personal home use, you can operate it by yourself. Its power and effect are smaller than the blue one. The blue light picosecond pen is for beauty salon use or if someone can help you operate it, you can not operate it yourself because you need to wear protective eyes glasses. Its power and effect are bigger than the red light picosecond pen neatcell. laser treatment for dark spot


  • Suitable for removing moles or acne, shrinking pores, lightening freckles or melanin, washing tattoos or tattooing eyebrows, etc.
  • Lightweight & Compact, exquisite packaging, more convenient to carry
  • One-key operation, simple and easy.

Package Including:

  • 1x Laser picosecond pen
  • 1x charging cable
  • 1x Safe glasses
  • 1x Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John S.
The goods have arrived and are easy to use

These lasers are so awesome. It was packaged nice and sent out so fast. I’ve been removing some tattoos and using them for my face. They work! I have blue and red. used with care it is an amazing product. Btw 9 is the lowest setting and 1 is the highest.

Wanda B.
Amazing alternative for tattoo removal

Tattoo removal is insanely expensive and time consuming! I’m on my 3rd session on a very dark finger tattoo and it’s hardly noticeable and definitely not legible! These reviews of people fussing that the instructions weren't clear, but that’s their fault! I understood them just fine. I chose to do further research via YouTube, which I recommend. It’s definitely easier to grasp once you’ve seen actual videos explaining it! This saved me several sessions and several 100! Plus I will resale!

Roberta H.

This Blue light pen is portable. It is light, has an ergonomic design, comfortable to hold for operation.
It is designed to remove dark marks, freckles, tattoos, etc on the skin. It is small but powerful. It has multiple intensities to choose from. The operation is easy and straightforward. I didn’t try it on my face, but first tried on a dark spot on my leg. It seems to work, and I see that spot is changing. Eventually, I think it will completely remove that dark area.

Leonard R.

Good product, fast delivery, well packaged, the product matches the description. I have freckles on my skin and they are removed perfectly, thank you seller

Kraig P.

The packaging is exquisite, very good product. Please take care to protect your eyes when using the product. Can't wait to get rid of my moles, it really works, the results are obvious, highly recommended!