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The right way of measuring soil moisture

The appropriate pH value is essential to growing good crops. Now you can measure the soil that is appropriate for crops or not. This kind of soil tester meter is made of susceptible alloy material, which can sense the change amplitude of the soil and pass it to the mechanical watch. It can display the reading accurately and intuitively and can test the pH value of the soil.

Measure pH & moisture level fast and accurate

The cone-shaped end of the meter is inserted into the soil to make good soil contact. Readings shown on the top dial are based on the measured electrical potential between two dissimilar metal electrode plates.  The meter is durable and insensitive to normal temperatures, and no batteries, electrodes, or buffer solutions are needed.

Easy to use

Before using the tester, wipe the metal absorption plate completely with an abrasive cloth to avoid affecting the measured value. When using for the first time, it should be noted that the soil should be inserted several times, and the metal probe surface should be polished to protect the oil layer before using.

Approved by strict quality and safety standards

When measuring, pay attention to making the gold surface fully in contact with the soil and compact, so that the measurement data is more accurate. When the pH value is determined, directly insert the metal plate into the soil of the test point, and the correct value is obtained after about 10 minutes. Soil density, moisture, and excessive fertilizer content may affect the values, so measurements must be made at different locations several times to obtain an average value.
  • After measurement clean the soil material on the surface of the probe with a cleaning cloth in time.
  • Provides pH and relative moisture measurements in under three minutes.
  • Batteries, electrodes, or buffer solutions are not required.
  • Keep the probe dry and stored well. best soil ph tester for lawns


  • pH Accuracy: ± 0.3 (Suitable for agricultural field and classroom experiments)Range pH: 3~8 pH
  • Moisture: 1~8
  • Resolution: ± 0.2 pH
  • Operating Temperature: 5~50°C (41~122 °F)
  • Size: 160 x 50mm (diameter)
  • Weight: 145g
  • Battery: No Battery


  • 1x Soil pH & moisture meter for soil
  • 1x English Instruction manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
John R.

There are lots of pH & moisture meters on the market. I did some research before buying this one, and I also have a test kit with vials for testing soil as a cross-check.
After comparing the meter with a test kit, the pH has stayed reliably consistent with the test kit results. Furthermore, the moisture readings appear to be consistent also (tested on soil, dry, wet, let the water in soil evaporate).
I would follow the directions provided with the meter. Touching the contacts near the tip of the meter will contaminate the meter with the oils from your fingers, so you don't want to do that. You want to use a damp cloth to clean the meter between reads for the most accurate readings.
Overall, happy with the function of this meter and willing to recommend it.

Eliezer Becker

I am impressed. Various places in my yard range in PH from 6 to a neutral 7. And if I check the next day and get the same measurements so it appears to be highly repeatable.
Quality is decent, especially for the low price.
I suspect the electrode collar and electrode point have their dissimilar metals electroplated or anodized on them which explains the instructions to wipe them off gently after use, to not leave them in the ground for over an hour, or store them touching other metals. You don't want to scratch off the coating or delete it due to drawing current through the electrodes for long periods (galvanic action)
I am suspicious of many of the negative reviews - I wonder if they represent competing products or test strips
I would buy it again. A few users pay for the meter considering the cost of keeping good plants beautiful
FWIW, one of my nine roses was too acidic, ph of 9. That was always my poorest plant and since it is in the same bed as my others I always assumed the PH was good. Before having this meter it never occurred to me to test each plant.

Also. I have not needed ten minutes for the meter to 'stabilize'. In our moist Florida soil, the final reading is reached within a couple of minutes

Emmie S.

I decided I wanted to grow blueberries but you really have to keep up with the ph in your soil to make them work. Got a cheap one at Walmart and when I stopped to read the directions, the process was just too much trouble. You had to get a soil sample that was 5 inches deep, put water in it and wait an hour and THEN test. Way too much trouble. This one gave me the correct ph by just pushing it into the soil, waiting a few minutes, and there! your ph. Also, the ones that give you an instant number cost a lot more so this one seemed to be the best balance between use and price.

Reichel P.

This thing was giving me a reading that said the soil around my rose bushes was too acidic. So I added lime and it didn't help. I added baking soda and it didn't help. So, I grabbed a Ph test kit for my fish tank, and the soil had become so alkaline that it could have stripped paint! So, I lost some much-loved hybrid tea roses and my garden looked like a minefield. Wow! I'd like to get my hands on the seller of this hunk of garbage, if only for ten minutes!

Ethan Klocko

Corresponds to the description, the box is whole, not crumpled, the tester works, everything shows. Who does not work-read the instructions! Do not know English-in the 21st century we live, each phone has an electronic text translator. The goods came quickly. Thank you to the seller, I recommend!