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The Solar Pool Ionizer is a highly efficient water disinfection and purification device that provides many benefits in comparison to other systems. Using a low-power solar power supply connected to a high-quality electrode composed of a SILVER and COBRE alloy, the ionizer acts as a drip ion generator that effectively eliminates the formation of microorganisms, viruses, and bacteria, and captures harmful minerals such as calcium and iron. 

You won’t have to worry about harmful effects on the eyes, hair, and skin due to the production of high concentrations of chlorine and algicides. Our solar water purifier is the only one that uses a premium quality mineral alloy made of silver and copper ensuring maximum disinfection efficiency, transparency, and water quality. It is the most robust, compact, and lightweight on the market disguising its presence in the pool.
Let the Solar pool cleaner simply floats in the pool, and make sure it is under the sunlight. The solar panel converts sunlight into low voltage harmless electricity. The electrical current energies of the anode release mineral Cu ions into the water.  Also, the LED lights up.
the Ionized water could inhibit the growth of microorganisms and algae in the pool. The solar pool ionizer also collects undesirable minerals such as calcium and iron. It has the effect of softening your water.

It is a new type of environmental protection water-based digital product, which can be used to replace the filter element in the solar hot water projector. Enjoy your ozone for pools without the chemical smells. With the help of this ionizer, you don't have to worry about the chlorine produced by the sun.  pool cleaning tablets
  • You can reduce chlorine consumption by 80-95% and in algicides by 100%.
  • Elimination of aggressive chemical agents in skin, eyes, hair, etc.
  • Eliminates harmful minerals such as calcium and iron by anode capture.

Package Contents:
  • 1 x Pool Ionizer
  • 1 x Brush

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Tony F.
    Still Worth every penny I spent. A must have!

    I was constantly having algae on the side of my pool here in Arizona. I would shock it every week on Monday and still would get green algae. Bought this a little over a week ago and now I have no issues. I use half of the chlorine tablets now. Here in Arizona algae is a huge problem. If you have a pool you must get one. Make sure you clean the cylinder every week. With the provided wire it comes off fairly easy. Just don't wait weeks to do it. Highly recommend this. It is a must-have in my opinion.*********UPDATE*********Still working great and exceeded my expectations. Since I put it in my pool zero algae. I am using half of the chlorine tablets or less than before.
    I was running my pool pump prior 8 hours in the summer, and after purchasing I set it back to 4 hours. Then 2, and today set my pool pump timer to an hour. In Arizona, this time of year sucks on the wallet due to the electric bills. Every pool owner needs this. I am so happy with this purchase. The chlorine tablets I bought are going to last a long time. I would be through one huge container of tablets already and I maybe went through a 1/3. Don't think about it, buy it now.***update***If I could give 6 stars I would. Still working great and I only need to run my pool pump 2 hours a day and my pool is still crystal clear. Only using 2 chlorine tablets a week. Still very happy with my purchase.

    Shemar E.

    This was actually my second one, I used it in my pool in Las Vegas for years and it worked beautifully. We went from 4 chlorine tablets a week to 1, so it did cut our pool chemical expenses down. We sold our house in Las Vegas and unfortunately forgot to grab it out the pool. We bought a home in Orlando Florida I was struggling without it and really wasn’t sure if it would work as well here with all the rain I was told algae would be a constant battle so I ordered a new one and it’s working like a champ. I shocked the pool first, I wanted to have a clean pool before I put the solar shock in however days later I could see the shock did not get everything I could still see some spots in corners and on steps I put the solar shock in anyway I waited a few more days and the spots were gone. It’s been a month now and pool is clean and clear, I battle no more, so very happy. I’m using more chlorine but I believe that its the brand I bought my usual was sold out and this other brand is not working as well. It works really well with the Clorox xtraBlue tablets I only needed one of those a week with the solar shock. Dose require maintenance Do NOT let it dry I pull it out the pool then I lay on grass/soft surface and blast the encode with the jet setting on my hose then I scrub it right away. You can find videos on YouTube also.

    Brian Z.
    It just works

    I have been using the Remington Ionizer for about six months, and I can tell you that this product works flawlessly to minimize chlorine usage while keeping your pool crystal clear. However, here are some helpful tips to consider before buying and for ongoing maintenance of your pool.1) Staining: As much as it would be great to just throw this ionizer in your pool and let the water balance itself, it doesn't necessarily work that way. You'll want to make sure that you keep the PH and Alkalinity balanced. With high PH and increased metals in your water, it can and will eventually cause some staining to your plaster (as others have mentioned). I experienced the same thing, so I started doing some research and found the following solution. Use a sequestering agent as part of your normal weekly maintenance routine. I use GLB Sequa-Sol, which binds the metals in the solution. This does not remove the metals which is a good thing because you want the copper in the pool. It just prevents the copper from settling on your plaster which is what causes the staining. This combined with maintaining a PH of 7.2 to 7.6 will help prevent staining. My chlorine usage is minimal. I have an automatic chlorinator and I keep it at a negligible level. I do not use pool shock at all.2) The Nylon Wing Nut: After using the ionizer for a couple of weeks, I noticed that I couldn't screw the wing nut all the way into the anode, leaving the basket and screen that filters the copper debris an opening to escape into your water (which will stain your plaster). I've read several reviews about the wing nut breaking, which is likely due to over-tightening in an attempt to get the filter basket flush with the ionizer. The simple fix here - is just cut half of the threaded portion of the wing nut and problem solved. Screws right into the anode and you can fully tighten it to where the filter basket is flush with the ionizer.3) Cleaning the Anode: I would recommend cleaning the anode once a week as part of your maintenance routine. Wear gloves because the copper will stain your hands. I bought a box of 100 nitrile disposable gloves for this purpose. Also, don't clean the anode in your pool water, because it will cause copper particles to settle at the bottom of your pool and stain the plaster. Use a hose and the wire brush and scrub it until you see the copper is shiny again. Other than what I mentioned above, you can literally let it float in the water and do its thing. This is a nice product that works exceptionally well for those pool owners who don't want to use high levels of chlorine as a method of sanitization. I highly recommend this solar ionizer and have no regret using it in my new swimming pool. You won't be disappointed with the results and it saves a good amount of money in chlorine usage.

    Georgette L.

    Get one! I've never gone this long with no yellow/mustard algae. During the summer in Fla, my outdoor pool temp ranges between 88-92 so I constantly have to shock & use Stop Yellow. I haven't had 1 bit of a problem in the last 3 months, in fact, my connected Jacuzzi has walls that are very rough (my fault for cleaning too harshly with acid) but it is always a magnet for yellow algae. About 1 month ago there was some buildup on the walls, I brushed it and the next day it was all laying dead on the bottom as if I had shocked & added stop yellow but I didn't and it hasn't come back either. I was skeptical but it works. The only negative is cleaning is a little messy as the copper anode is nasty. Really need gloves or it will stain your hands for hours. Also, I can see the anode is quickly disappearing. I foresee buying at least 1 a year.

    Justice A.

    To our pleasant surprise, this product accomplishes what fixed 120v ionization units costing multiples of the price claim to do. We have had the Suntouch in our pool for over a week and the water is crystal clear! Even if we have to replace the unit in a couple of years, we are far ahead of the game. Pricewise, we'd been spending over $100 a year for chlorine, while dealing with the smell and need for constant monitoring and hauling those heavy chlorine containers, so we are delighted having only to brush off the copper and steel electrodes when needed and letting the sun power this great little device!